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Plants and dairy products - A review

15 April 2020

Plants have been traditionnally used for centuries in cheese manufacturing, either for their aromatic properties
or as technological auxiliaries (e.g. milk-clotting enzyme preparations, cheese wrappers). Some of these plants
are known to have antimicrobial and/or antioxidant properties and could also act as natural preservatives for
raw milk and derived dairy products.
This review examined the traditional uses of plants in dairy processing, and then focuses on known antimicrobial
and antioxidant properties of their extracts (e.g. maceration, decoction, essential oil). Known effects of
theses plants on technological flora (starter cultures and microorganisms implicated in cheese ripening) were
also summarized, and the potential for plant extracts used in combination with hurdle technologies was explored.
Then, legal restriction and bioactivity variations from a culture media to a food matrix was reviewed:
non-toxic bioactive molecules found in plants, extract preparation modes suitable with foodgrade processing
restrictions, the role of the food matrix as a hindrance to the efficiency of bioactive compounds, and a review of
food legislation. Finally, some commercial plant extracts for milk preservation were discussed. 

Milk and Dairy Products
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